BURIED GAS LINE September 2011


Our first ever featured artist in the CVAS Art Space was Kylie Knight. We’ve been a fan of hers for while, and have quite a few of her works in our private collection. Kylie’s face seems to pop up at any art or music related event going on in the desert, and she has created a strong presence within the community of young local artists. Her work is energetic, honest, raw and emanates desert vibes. We had been wanting to do some sort of collaboration for quite some time, and the creation of the CVAS Art Space seemed like the perfect time to do so.


Her show was entitled “Buried Gas Line” and this is what she had to say about it:


All of the thoughts that you’ve tried to ignore, glorified, exploited. Human emotion and falsified power. The future. Loss, gain, punk rock.  Backyards, bums, crude comics, jokes and conversation. Calling people out on their shit. Screaming as loud as you can. Punching someone in the face, then apologizing. Bright seclusion, dark communication. This should all be underwater. Pink, pink, pink, then red. Motor homes, heroin, hot sluts, and stray cats. Skinheads, policemen, and little bits of plastic. Artificial lakes, abandoned couches and tires. Trains, tits, disorientation, and degeneration. All I can do is laugh. I grew up in trailer parks playing with trash and abandoned treasures in a lonely desert. In a sense, I am still doing this.


-Kylie Knight


For more info on Kylie check out her tumblr and website.


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