DOTS AND LINES February 2012


Robert Medina has been coming in to the shop for years and is good friends with our employees. We knew he had talent, but when it came time for him to show us his works we were blown away. The amount of creativity and detail he spends on each piece is astounding. Robert was well known for his talents at the local college where he was studying fine art, and at the Ace Hotel where he has made the majority of their hand lettered signs.


Robert’s art is something to be noted and publicly shared. His pieces are vivid and complex, using contrasting bright colours in conjunction with organic and geometric shapes that evoke a sense of playfulness. It is obvious he draws a great influence in his works from personal experiences, as there is a ‘desert’ feel to them. Not only does his art create an intellectual interest, but they are also incredibly aesthetically appealing. There is no doubt in our minds that this young artist is to go on to do great things in the art world.


A Statement From The Artist:

Born and raised in southern California, my creative drive has been fed throughout my early teenage years through the practice of street art. A student perusing a degree in art, I am learning and pushing my work both technically and creatively. Always being carefully observant, I attempt to imbed a deep message in my work while at the same time making it aesthetically compelling. My work grapples with political and social issues, usually presented in abstracted form in order to build chemistry between people and the work. I utilize an eclectic set of mediums in order to express myself through each piece of work. My art is a visual diary expressing my inner thoughts influenced by the world around me.


This series titled “Dots & Lines” is a combination of organic, geometric forms and line work. The purpose of this artwork is to demonstrate the interrelationship between forms and figures, living and non-living. I attempt to depict my organic forms realistically and my geometric forms vibrantly while interweaving their characteristics.


Photos Courtesy of The Coachella Valley Art Scene


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