THE WAY OUT December 2011


Our second featured artist was Ron Cameron, a local ex-pro skateboarder. We’ve done work with Ron in the past via board graphics, logos, and apparel. He has a deep history in the skateboard world, including the involvement of start up of some pretty major brands. We felt that his story was an important one for people to know, and was an obvious choice for the CVAS Art Space.


Ron Cameron grew up skateboarding on the streets of Sacramento, Ca in the 1970′s and 1980′s, which lead him into the art cultures of punk, thrift stores, and then psychedelic ’60′s poster art and graffiti. Over three decades he helped take skateboard and clothing companies out of the garage to larger international audiences with his artistic design and direction, namely Blockhead Skateboards in the 1980′s, Acme Skateboards in the 1990′s, and RVCA Clothing in the 2000′s. Over the years Ron has also been know to give a helping creative hand to other companies rooted in skateboarding and music: Transworld, Skate Rags, H-Street, Vision, Channel One, Etnies, World Industries, Big Brother, Toy Machine, Foundation, Warped Tour, Heckler, Plastikman, and Buck-O-Nine to name a few. While doing commercial art and direction fro these skateboarding giants, Cameron also painted and skateboarded professionally (Blockhead, Spitfire, Independent). Ron has had his art shown in various galleries in California, New York, and Georgia.


Ron’s theme for “The Way Out” was based around his earlier work for Blockhead Skateboards in the late 1980′s, which commonly featured insanely animated and communicative eyes in an other-wordly psychedelic fashion. Ron also performed a DJ set at the show’s opening party, which consisted mostly of music that had inspired his more “out -there” designs over the years.


Photos Courtesy of SundaysFundays


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